'everyone wants to make a difference, but what does it take to make that difference?'

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philosophical-hopes asked: Hello, I'm an advice, sfw blog that focuses on helping people and i try to give people a safe haven to talk and not be judged. Please Feel free to talk here, vent or be friends. I'd love to talk to you and be friends, and i think youre lovely c:

awh thanks!! I guess you’re coming from my post about talking about depression? Your blog is so great and I love what you’re doing! [ ^ w ^ ] keep doing what you’re doing!! 

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Cutting and self harm is not depressing. IT’S REAL. let’s talk about it. The conversation doesn’t have to be “depressing” I want to talk to someone about it without bumming people down. It doesn’t bum me down I want to talk. Saying it’s depressing and shying away from the subject doesn’t solve the problem. TALK ABOUT IT. all I wanted to do tonight was talk about depression without the depressing factor and then I ruined the night apparently. Ugh.

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